Guaranteed Job When You Complete Your Training!

The Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation guarantees that when you complete your training with us, we'll hire you as an in-house flight instructor. From there you'll continue building hours & adding certifications to your resume. Once you are qualified you can even work for our charter company, Executive Helijet Charters and begin the exciting life of a corporate charter pilot flying our clients to amazing locations - The Bahamas are currently a favorite among our crew! >>Learn More<<

Accelerated Flight Training

Our accelerated flight training program can get you from zero experience to CFI flight instructor in as little as 4 months! The time it takes you to complete your training depends on your level of commitment and financial ability to pay for training. We can help you register with AOPA to get an affordable flex loan that will cover the complete cost of your training so the only thing left to ask yourself is what am I waiting for?

Our commitment to aviation excellence is reflected through a comprehensive flight training program and an unmatched focus on safety - preparing you for the demands that come with being a professional pilot. Whether you dream of flying for a major airline or in the surging private charter industry, the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation is your complete solution for making those dreams a reality.

Our training facility is located at the bustling Myrtle Beach International Airport, adjacent to Myrtle Beach Aviation, the general aviation terminal, near The Market Common district. You will be surrounded by pilots, mechanics, and fellow students who will gladly support you during your training.

Some of the benefits of training at the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation include:

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Boeing says 30k new pilots needed every year to keep up with travel demand! “The growing middle class in emerging economies like India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia means that people are spending more money on travel and tourism,” says Sherry Carbary, Boeing Flight Services vice president. “So there is more demand for airplanes and for people to fly them around the world.”

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