About Us

Our accelerated flight training program can get you from zero experience to CFI, CFI-I, MEI commercial pilot/flight instructor in as little as 9 months with a relaxed schedule, or even faster as a full-time student! The time it takes you to complete your training depends on your level of commitment. We have numerous financing options available to cover the complete cost of your training. So, the only thing left to ask yourself is “What am I waiting for?”

Our commitment to aviation excellence is reflected through a comprehensive flight training program and an unmatched focus on safety – preparing you for the demands that come with being a professional pilot. Whether you dream of flying for a major airline or in the surging private charter industry, the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation is your complete solution for making those dreams a reality.

Our training facility is located at the bustling Myrtle Beach International Airport, near The Market Common shopping & entertainment district. You will be surrounded by pilots, mechanics, and fellow students who will gladly support you during your training.

Some of the benefits of training at the Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation include:

  • Cost Effective Flight Training -Our pilot training is priced competitively so you can complete your training and get in the air fast!
  • More “Sunny Days” Per Year – There’s nothing worse than being grounded for days at a time waiting for bad weather to pass so you can continue your training. We have more flyable days per year than Florida, which is why many students are choosing Myrtle Beach for their flight training.
  • THE BEACH! – Need we say more? At the end of the day or on the weekend, there’s nothing better than sitting on the beach, soaking up some rays. Shows, nightlife, and attractions – we have it all here in Myrtle Beach.
  • Classroom Training – Our ground school classes are taught both in person with your own individual instructor, and online through our interactive learning portal.