Add On Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument Airplane)

The airplane CFII rating will allow you to give ground and flight instruction to instrument students.

This course is for airplane single engine certified flight instructors. If you are a multi engine CFI only, there will be additional training costs. Please call us for an estimate.

This course starts with a ground school that covers systems on the aircraft, instrument regulations, instrument approach procedures, and endorsements for instrument ratings. Flight training is about four to five hours and will bring you to the practical test standards. The second day starts with check ride final preparation, and ends with the practical test.


• Valid FAA medical certificate

• Flight Instructor Instrument (FII) written knowledge test

• Airplane single engine certified flight instructor license

• Airplane single engine land pilot lincense

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Length: 3 days
Price: $2,990 ($2,895 cash)
What to bring: Birth Certificate or Passport, FAA Medical Certificate, Pilot's License, Written Test Results, Headset