Add On Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land)

This course will teach you to fly a single engine land aircraft, if you are a multi engine land commercial pilot now. If you are a seaplane, rotor craft, glider, or other category commercial pilot pilot you will need additional training time; call us for an estimate of the course length and cost. If you are a glider or balloon pilot you will also need to take a written knowledge test prior to your arrival.

This course starts with a ground school covering the systems and operation of the aircraft, as well as a review of commercial pilot knowledge areas. Flight training focuses on takeoffs, landings, emergencies, and flight maneuvers. The second day consists of final check ride preparation and the practical test.


• Valid FAA medical certificate

• Airplane commercial pilot license

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Length: 3 days
Price: $2,990 ($2,895 cash)
What to bring: Birth Certificate or Passport, FAA Medical Certificate, Pilot's License, Headset