Add On Instrument Rating (Airplane)

An instrument rating allows you to fly on days that otherwise would cause you to cancel a flight. It can drastically reduce insurance premiums if you own an aircraft. Instrument training is challenging and will make you a much better and stable pilot. The instrument rating applies to all classes of airplanes, so you won't have to earn it again if you get a multi engine or seaplane rating in the future.

This course is intended for someone who is already instrument rated in another category of aircraft (like a helicopter). The course length and price can vary depending on how much of your previous instrument training was in a simulator, and your recent airplane experience.

This course starts with a full day of ground instruction and includes 15 hours of flight instruction. The flight instruction is divided between a state of the art ATC-710 simulator and an airplane. After initial instrument flying skills are developed, training progresses to flying instrument procedures, and then to scenario based cross county training where you will plan, file, and fly under instrument flight rules


• Valid FAA medical certificate

• Private or commercial airplane single engine land pilot license (if you only hold another class license, call for a quote)

• Instrument rating in another category of aircraft

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Length: varies
Price: CALL
What to bring: Birth Certificate or Passport, FAA Medical Certificate, Pilot's License, All Logbooks (showing pertinent experience), Headset