Airplane Courses

These are all of the courses we offer for fixed wing training. Click on a course that you are interested in to be taken to a page with further course details. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like to create a custom course, please contact us and we will discuss your individual course needs.

Title Price Cash Price Length
Initial Private Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land) $7,210 $6,995 21-27 days
Add On Private Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land) $2,990 $2,895 3 days
Initial Instrument Rating (Airplane) $5,485 $5,325 10 days
Add On Instrument Rating (Airplane) Call Us Call Us Varies
Initial Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land) $3,090 $2,995 3 days
Add On Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land) $2,990 $2,895 3 days
Airline Transport Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land) $2,835 $2,745 4 days
Initial Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane Single Engine) $4,845 $4,695 8 days
Add On Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument Airplane) $2,990 $2,895 3 days
Multi Engine/Twin Engine Certification $3050 $2,950 2-4 days

Please note: Prices are approximate and do not include examiner fee. All examiner fees must be paid in cash to examiner on the day of practical exam. Combination courses require an examiner fee to be paid for each practical test. Endorsement courses have no practical exam and therefore have no associated examiner fees.

Actual course cost depends on the exact number of hours flown which may be higher than the regulatory minimum times.

Pilots arriving for accelerated training should be currently flying and meet FAA standards for existing pilot certificate prior to beginning the course in order to meet the anticipated time frame.

For all accelerated courses a 50% deposit must be applied when the course is scheduled. The remaining balance is due the day the course begins. A 10% rescheduling fee is required if the change is made within 48 hours prior to the beginning of the course. If the student does not show up for the course then the deposit is forfeited.