Frequently Asked Questions

Our accelerated flight training programs are intense, organized courses focused on achieving pilot certificates and ratings in the most efficient manner possible. They are the most time and cost effective way to become a proficient and safe pilot. Our programs are highly comprehensive and are designed to immerse you in an environment that is most conducive to learn at the best pace for you. The more frequently you train, the faster your piloting skills and confidence develops. For most full-time students, 2-3 training modules lasting approximately 2 hours each has proven to be the sweet spot for a daily routine. Less time does not allow for the student to become fully engaged, while more time could be counter-productive. Taking breaks between training modules, along with preplanned days off not training at all, come together to allow sufficient time for the knowledge and skills learned to truly become long-term knowledge and not simply a temporary file in your rote memory.
That’s up to you! Your own personal level of commitment and dedication to any course we offer will dictate the time to completion. We cannot guarantee that your flight training will be completed in any specific amount of time due to individual pilot performance (some people simply require more training and time to learn), inclement weather or distracted attention. But we can commit to providing the essential learning skills and resources for it to be completed on time and on budget. We have examples of students obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate in 14 days from start to finish. Conversely, some folks have taken years to achieve the same rating, simply because they could only commit to training once every month or two. Again, it’s all up to you.
The Chief Flight Instructor supervises all of our flight instructors. They are highly trained professionals who are very familiar with training procedures, flight training syllabi, and safety procedures.
Sometimes there may be an overlap between one student and the next, but we try hard to keep a ratio of 2-3 student pilots per flight instructor. Even in the event there is an overlap, the instructor will still provide the personal attention you need.
Your flight training courses will be assigned to one instructor. Progress checks and flights on your instructors day off may periodically result in having another instructor, but it will not interrupt or delay your progress. Your secondary instructor will know what needs to be reviewed and where you are in your training.
You are able to start your training as soon as you are ready! Once you are enrolled, your student advisor and flight instructor will coordinate to schedule your lessons with you.

We have different priced packages depending on the training you need. You will know upfront exactly what the cost will be without any hidden fees. You never pay extra for services you do not require. We also offer financing options to cover the cost of your training.

Yes! Your training schedule can be as flexible as you wish. While we do offer part time course training schedules, it is more efficient and cost effective to complete the courses within a shorter time frame.
Possibly – this depends on your desired course of study. Your student advisor will walk you through every step of this when discussing your goals.
Of course not! Only an unscrupulous business would make such claims. As we all know, nothing in this world is guaranteed. We can commit to providing you with the necessary tools, training, and life experiences to become a certified pilot. Our well-maintained fleet of aircraft, state of the art flight simulators and passionate instructors give you all of the resources you need. The rest, as they say….is up to you!
Your days will be full of flying, ground study, flight simulator/practical exercises and interactive learning. Your flight and simulator times will vary depending on your lesson for the day. In between flights, you will be working on ground lessons and mentoring time with your instructor. There is some hard work involved at various stages, but that greatly offset by the excitement of the flying and simulator portions of your course. We will go out of our way to make the entire process as fun as possible!
While we don’t like to think about failure, there is always that possibility. In the rare instance you are to not reach your ultimate goal within the given timeframe, your instructor may provide remedial training so that you can retest as soon as possible. If your personal schedule does not allow for this, you always have the option to complete it at a later date. The time and training you already put into the course still counts. We know that everyone learns at a different pace and that outside factors can influence your personal performance. Communicating with us, limited outside distractions, and getting plenty of rest are some measures you can take toward completing a successful training course.
Absolutely. We will be happy to complete your training. Your flight knowledge and proficiency will be evaluated in all areas so we can determine a reasonable starting point for you within our syllabus.
Depending on your course of study, you may receive log in information for your Distance Learning Program. Completing all of the lessons and test questions and answers are great tools for getting you ahead of the game. Also you will need to make sure that you have completed your flight school application and any other paperwork provided to you by your Student Advisor.
This completely depends upon the type of training you require and the course duration. We will discuss the fee and payment schedule with you once we know what you would like to perform with us.
Imagine the excitement of flying, with the added benefit of experiencing it over some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and saltwater estuaries in the world! Not only does Myrtle Beach have mild winters and more flyable weather days than most anywhere else in the country, our Academy is located less than a mile away from the beach. Myrtle Beach has been named “America’s Favorite Beach Town”, and has won numerous ‘Top Ten’ ranking spots in “Best Beaches In America,” and “Best Family Vacations in the USA.” Thanks to its many golf courses, nightlife attractions, sport fishing, amusement parks, water sports, and entertainment options Myrtle Beach is known as the “East Coast’s Ultimate Vacation Hub.” All of this combined with a very low cost of living adds up to the perfect place to study and relax during your off time. Myrtle Beach is fortunate to not have to endure the blistering, extreme summer heat like Florida, or miserable, freezing winter cold like the New England states.
We are ready when you are! At Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation, we want you to be on the path to fulfilling your dreams as soon as possible. This is why we do not require you to wait for a preset starting date. We try our best to remain flexible in order to accommodate your personal needs and schedule. While we are well staffed and fully equipped to begin your training with minimal advance notice, we prefer a week or two buffer of time to allow us to properly schedule your training from start to finish.
No way! We have radically changed the way pilots are trained. Our primary focus is to maintain a fun and fresh new approach to your learning experience. We are completely different from regular schools where you sit in a boring classroom being lectured to all day. Our classroom is the sky! And we offer highly advanced, realistic full-motion flight simulators, interactive training, an amazing student resource/recreation center and knowledgeable (yet fun!) instructors with a passion for aviation. Of course you’ll also be surrounded by a variety of seriously cool airplanes and helicopters everywhere!
It all depends on how long you will be here. We have pre-negotiated discounted rates for our visitors at several great places nearby. Your student advisor can make reservations for nightly rentals or long-term accommodations. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the details for you.

Proof of your permanent residency (not a PO Box). Acceptable documents include utility bills, driver’s license, or other official document addressed to you.

A passport is required for all non – resident, non – US citizen along with a government issued ID with your picture on it.

A passport and resident alien card is required for all resident – aliens.

An unexpired passport, original birth certificate, and a valid government issued picture ID or immigration papers are required for all US Citizens.

An official Score Report is required if you have already taken an FAA Knowledge Exam.

A pilot log book is required for pilots who are training for an advanced rating or re-currency training.

An Airmen Medical Certificate is required if you have already received one. If not, give us a call and we’ll take care of that for you too!

Of course! We have numerous resources to work with, depending on your individual needs. There is always a way to work that part out, and we are happy to walk you through every step of the way. Please feel free to call us for assistance, or you can start by visiting our financing resource page here.

You can start training at any age, fly solo at the age of 16, and at 17 you can obtain your Private Pilot Certificate. A Commercial Pilot Certificate can be earned at 18 years of age. Once rated as a pilot, as long as you are medically fit to fly, you can take to the skies for as long as you desire!

Everything you do in life comes with risks, but we have taken extraordinary measures to mitigate those and provide you with the safest experience possible. Statistically speaking, you are far safer in an aircraft than an automobile. Our aircraft are rigorously maintained and inspected. Our instructors are hand picked, highly trained, and adhere to strict aviation safety guidelines. We take pride in our operations, so every effort is made to keep all of our assets in clean, working order. We have our own in-house maintenance department, so down-time is minimized, and issues can be addressed immediately.

Amazing! Our campus spans across the entire West side of Myrtle Beach International Airport. You will be training within the daily operations of the largest General Aviation conglomerate in the State of South Carolina. We have tons of great restaurants, movie theaters, shops and entertainment within walking distance of the school facilities. Google “Market Common Myrtle Beach” to see what the immediate area has to offer our visitors. We also have quite a few full or part time employment opportunities available to students if they are looking to make a few extra bucks while attending flight school with us. 

If you are in reasonable good health you should have no issues whatsoever in becoming a pilot. A pilot medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is required by the FAA prior to earring a pilot’s certificate (with the exception of a Sport Pilot Certificate). 

If you are a student seeking a Sport Pilot Certificate or are already have a Sport Pilot Certificate , you do not need a medical certificate if you have no known medical conditions which may be hazardous while flying and/or you have never been denied an FAA medical certificate before. The only thing that is required is a state issued driver’s license.

No medical certificate is needed until you are ready to fly solo (without an instructor). You are required to have at least a third-class medical certificate if you are a Student, Recreational, or Private Pilot.  A second-class medical certificate is recommended if you are planning to make a career out of flying. A First Class medical certificate will be required if/when do decide to fly for the airlines.