Lets address the elephant in the room, shall we - The number one question prospective students and parents ask is "how can I afford this?". Well, with a decent credit score and a down payment you can afford just about anything. The real question then, is are you going to be paying for this the rest of your life and the simple answer to that question is "Nope". In layman's terms, flight school costs as much as a really nice car whereas a typical 4 year college degree costs as much as a really nice house - or two.

AOPA Finance has a flex aviation loan that pays for the cost of your training upfront so you can focus on flying and getting your certifications. The payments are affordable on almost any income level and ensure you get your training completed quickly so you can get out there making money and logging flight time!

Pilot Finance INC also has financing available for private pilot students. Check out the links below to see what options are available and if you have nay questions our student advisors are always available to help out!

AOPA Flex Aviation Loan

Pilot Finance INC


Financing your flight school education is all well and good, but what about training for free? Even better, right! If you thought scholarships were only for the big state universities, well, you'd be wrong. Take a look at these scholarships available for aviation students: