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Myrtle Beach Flying Club

There are lots of ­reasons why you might consider joining a flying club. The biggest reason often centers on the economics: A flying club with lots of members can offer many of the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassles or expense of being totally responsible for the upkeep of one. Additionally, the rates a club charges for the use of its aircraft are almost always less than what you can find at the local FBO or flight school.

Maybe you're a pilot who has earned his or her Private certificate and now you’re wondering what to do with your newfound freedom as a licensed pilot - and although you’ve combed the pages of Trade-A-Plane, you can’t quite justify the cost of buying an airplane just yet.

Of course, that’s not the only type of pilot who should consider joining a flying club. Maybe you used to own an airplane but decided to sell it. Or, even if you still own an airplane, you could think of membership in a flying club as cheap insurance for those times when your airplane is down for maintenance but you still want to fly.

Our flying club has a fleet of six aircraft, including 2 Cessna 172M's, 1 Cessna 172L, 1 Cessna 172N, 1 Piper Cherokee Arrow II and 1 Piper Cherokee 160. Whether you want to fly for an hour or two or take a group of family and friends on an extended trip, we have an aircraft available for you to use. Our members enjoy discounted rates on aircraft rental as well as a discount on the school's Frasca 141 simulator.

Fill out the "request for more information" form HERE and be sure to mention you're interested in the flying club and a representative will contact you with more information.

Boeing says 30k new pilots needed every year to keep up with travel demand! “The growing middle class in emerging economies like India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia means that people are spending more money on travel and tourism,” says Sherry Carbary, Boeing Flight Services vice president. “So there is more demand for airplanes and for people to fly them around the world.”

Existing flying club members and students click below to schedule aircraft and instructors.