Initial Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land)

The commercial pilot license let's you earn money while flying! (Sorry, it won't help you get paid while fishing or playing golf.) It also can reduce insurance premiums if you are an aircraft owner, give you a sense of accomplishment, and help improve your flying skills. Most people earn this license after an instrument rating, but it is possible to earn a restricted commercial license without one.

The course starts with ground school which includes a review of the commercial practical test standards, the procedures and limitations on the aircraft to be flown, and a thorough oral examination preparation. Flight training focuses on the commercial maneuvers and polishing your basic flying skills. The third day consists of final check ride preparation, and the practical test.

If you need to build additional time (like complex time) please call us for a quote.


• Valid FAA medical certificate

• Airplane single engine land private pilot license

• Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX) written knowledge test

• 245 hours total time (as a pilot)

• 95 hours in a powered aircraft (45 in airplanes)

• 95 hours PIC (45 in an airplane) that includes:

50 hours cross country (10 in airplanes)

• 15 hours dual to include:

7 hours complex or turbine airplane time

1 two hour, day, 100 nm (straight line distance) cross country in a single engine airplane

1 two hour, night, 100 nm (straight line distance) cross country in a single engine airplane

10 hours instrument training- real IMC or simulated (5 in a single engine airplane)

• 10 hours solo or PIC (not dual) in a single engine airplane to include:

One 300nm cross country, with 3 landings, one of which is 250 nm straight line distance from the original point of departure

5 hours at night in VFR conditions

10 night takeoffs and landings at an airport with an operating control tower, each involving a traffic pattern

Aircraft: Cessna 172 - Piper Arrow
Length: 3 days
Price: $3,090 ($2,995 cash)
What to bring: Birth Certificate or Passport, FAA Medical Certificate, Pilot's License, Written Test Results, All Logbooks (showing pertinent experience), Headset