Initial Private Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land)

Learn to fly an airplane! Earning a private pilot license lets you fly for pleasure, day or night, with passengers. It is the first step toward earning more advanced ratings, or can be an end to itself. A private pilot license allows you to travel with friends and family to destinations that are too far for driving. Flying yourself means that you can set your own schedule and skip crowded airports and security lines. This license is also useful for flying to meet business associates without worrying about airline ticket change fees. Learning to fly can be a very enjoyable and rewarding endeavor.

This course teaches you to fly using scenario based training, with an emphasis on single pilot resource management. It includes 40 hours of flight time and online ground school, although most students need around 50-55 hours to finish. You will fly:

20 Hours with an Instructor (including)

10 Hours solo (including)

10 additional hours solo or with an instructor


Valid FAA medical certificate (which is also your student license)

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Length: 21-27 days
Price: $7,210 ($6,995 cash)
What to bring: Birth Certificate or Passport, FAA Medical Certificate, Written Test Results