Flight School Financing Options

For many aspiring pilots, financing is the single biggest hurdle to overcome. Many new students pay for one lesson at a time, whenever they have the funds available. Training this way can work and you will eventually get your pilot license but it takes a long time.

Most colleges have student loans, grants and other avenues for paying for education that just aren't available to new aviation students - until now! AOPA Finance now has a flex aviation loan available that will pay for the cost of your training upfront. Payments are affordable for almost any income level and ensure that you get your private license quickly and without interruption! Pilot Finance INC also has financing available for private pilot license students. Follow the links below to find out more information about each program and choose the one that right for you!

AOPA Flex Aviation Loan

Pilot Finance INC


The Wall Street Journal has reported on the incredible shortage of qualified pilots. Big airlines, charter companies, corporations and private firms are all looking for, but not finding, qualified pilots! This industry is actively searching for qualified candidates and we can help you get on the right track to land one of these amazing careers!

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