College Vs. Flight School

Becoming a pilot offers a rewarding lifestyle that allows you travel the world, meet amazing people and earn a great income along the way. Many people aren't even aware that being a pilot is a possible career path, let alone one of the smartest decisions they could make when it comes to post high school education. Lets take a look at some of the ways flight school stacks up against a traditional 4 year college degree program.

The biggest difference between flight school and college is the amount of time it takes to actually graduate. At minimum you'll be going to college for 2 years - but that "only" gets you an Associate degree and that just isn't going to cut it in todays job market. College degrees are almost as common as high school diplomas and those that have a Bachelors degree (4 years of college) will surely get the job over anyone with an Associate.

Flight School on the other hand only takes about 4 months time to get certified as a commercial pilot. A commercial pilot license alone isn't going to land you an amazing jet-setting lifestyle but it WILL allow you to earn income while you accrue flight time and add certifications to you resume. In the world of aviation, flight hours are king. The more you have, the better job you can get. Sure, we have a career pilot program that will take you all the way from zero hours to airline ready and if you know that flying for a major airline is your end goal that program is perfect for you.

The world of aviation has so much more to offer than just flying a big jet though, and thats the beauty of it! You can get a job as a corporate pilot, flying company big-wigs back & forth from meeting to meeting and rub elbows with real titans of industry. You could get a gig with a small local carrier in some island chain and fly tourists from location to the next in a sea plane. There's also the option to fly for mail carriers taking packages all over the country. There really are a host of options available within the aviation industry!

Another way Flight School differs from traditional college is cost. Whereas you could rack up student loan debt in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, flight school will only set you back about the average cost of a mid size sedan. $39,000.00 vs $150,000.00 is a huge difference! Not to mention that many college graduates aren't even guaranteed a job in their field when they graduate. Pilots are in high demand right now and those that are qualified (ie have enough hours) are cherry-picking the best jobs and commanding huge salaries. Check this out. Crazy right? Thats straight from Google so you know we aren't making this stuff up!

If you're looking for a career that is exciting, pays well and is in high demand you should consider joining the world of aviation!